Creative Corridor Incentive Fund

The Creative Corridor Incentive Fund was established with the idea that talented people in design, media production, architecture, fine arts and other creative enterprises benefit from working within a concentrated district.
Detroit’s Creative Corridor covers the Central Business District, Midtown and New Center. Detroit Economic Growth Association and the Detroit Investment Fund together have identified $2.5 million to assist building owners and creative companies that are located in the Creative Corridor.  The assistance is designed to meet the needs of businesses in creative industries and their landlords through two distinct programs.
  • Matching funds for building owners to prepare existing spaces for tenants in creative industries. Eligible projects include build outs and installing utilities or permanent facilities specifically required for creative activities. Building owners that meet all program requirements will be reimbursed up to 50% of the cost of the project.
  • Rent and parking subsidies for eligible businesses that are bringing new creative jobs to the Corridor. These are intended to compensate for costs that would otherwise make the Corridor noncompetitive. The amounts and terms of the subsidies will depend on the length of leases, the number of jobs being created and the cost and physical size of the leased space.  
For additional restrictions and program details or to apply for assistance, companies should call DEGC at (313) 237-6096 or email