D2D - Detroit Business to Business

Program Overview - 2012  
In March 2012, the DEGC received funding from the New Economy Initiative for Southeast Michigan to strengthen business-to-business connections throughout the city.  Proven as a successful economic development strategy in different parts of the nation, the D2D program has tremendous potential to increase jobs and investment in Detroit.  In its first year, the program accomplished several important steps to develop the program: 
  • Completed the "Major Purchaser's Survey" local procurement opportunity analysis with Initiative for a Competitive Inner City (ICIC) with twenty-two of Detroit's major companies
  • Recruited over 300 suppliers through several B2B related events and retention program
  • Completed a local supplier procurement-needs analysis, a technical assistance capacity scan and a local procurement technical-assistance calendar with partner Tech Town
  • Partnered with the State to produce "Pure Michigan Business Connect" B2B database, and pre-loaded 425 companies into the system
  • Partnered with the Detroit Regional Chamber of Commerce's Connection Point Program and the Procurement Technology Assistance Center to present the 2012 "Government Construction Summit" with seventy attendees  
Video Testimonies of the Power of Detroit B-2-B
D2D Supplier Rack Cards
D2D also has opportunities for suppliers to promote their businesses and allow buyers to find them faster.  We have developed a series of promotional Rack Cards that are distributed and displayed throughout the city.  These rack cards are updated twice a year with new companies replacing those previously featured on the cards.  To get your chance to be featured, make sure you register in the D2D database
What are the GOALS of the D2D program?
  • Increase the levels of spend from large buyers to local suppliers in the city of Detroit
  • Increase the capacity of local suppliers to respond to new growth opportunities
  • Encourage and support a culture amongst city businesses in supporting each other's economic success  
What are some ACTIVITIES of the D2D program? 
  • Programs to help connect buyers and sellers through matchmaking tools (e.g. the database, networking, "meet the buyer" events, procurement chief roundtables)
  • A supplier technical-assistance program (e.g. bidding, e-procurement, business planning) to help local suppliers get stronger and compete for contracts
  • Collaborative events/programming with other agencies looking to match Detroit businesses with opportunities outside of region and state  
The Pure Michigan Business Connect B2B Website - Why This is Important
  • Detroit Buyers have communicated that it is difficult to quickly find Detroit vendors to meet their needs.  This tool is designed to help make this connection easier.  Not only is it a registry for businesses, but procurement needs can also be posted on the site for your business to respond to.  Make sure you register today on www.puremichiganb2b.com!  
Can't Find What You're Looking For?
  • If you can't find a local vendor for your particular need, contact Brian Watkins, Business Development Manager, (313) 237-4628.    


D2D Program Partners:

Michigan Economic Development Corporation's Pure Michigan Business Connect