Detroit Food & Ag Network

Detroit Food & Ag Network (DFAN) is a business-to-business support network for food processors, distributors, and agri-businesses.  
Our mission is to enhance the capacity of Metro Detroit's food and agriculture industry by providing support services and technical assistance aimed at alleviating barriers to growth.   
The food sector has increasing relevance as a serious economic development tool in Michigan where the food and agriculture sector is expanding five times faster than the general economy. Entrepreneurial food producers are gaining traction in the marketplace but they often lack the resources and knowledge to help grow and expand their businesses.   The Detroit Food & Ag Network (DFAN) offers a business-to-business support network where food and farm entrepreneurs can connect, share ideas, and join forces as a business community.   Our network of professionals can help:   
  • Navigate regulatory compliance
  • Facilitate access to sustainable growth opportunities
  • Open doors to gain access to capital    
Business such as Aunt Mid's, Garden Fresh, McClure's Pickles, and Achatz Pies have all benefited from DFAN. DFAN can help you too!