Jefferson Village Updates

Several infrastructure improvements to Jefferson Village have already been completed. These include:
  • New street paving, sidewalks, and new streets
  • New street lighting
  • New water and sewer lines (in conjunction with the City of Detroit)
  • Upgraded private utility facilities
In addition to infrastructure improvements, the NCD/EDC is currently soliciting and retaining services for the following projects:
Gateway Project:
The Jefferson Village Gateway Project is intended to retain professional engineering services and a contractor  to design and construct subdivision gateway signs,  sidewalk improvements, enhance alleys. And define green buffer spaces within the subdivision.  The intent of the NDC/EDC is to showcase and increase visibility of the subdivision off of Jefferson Ave and improve infrastructure conditions at entrance points throughout the neighborhood.
Home Rehabilitation:
The result of the economic downturn of 2008 left 11 houses incomplete. The NDC/EDC and the City of Detroit have taken possession of the 11 homes, and have refined a strategy for disposing of and building out the houses.  In an effort to stabilize and enhance Jefferson Village, the NDC/EDC is in the process of retaining a builder and/or developer to complete the final build out of the eleven houses. Eventually, the EDC will be able to make an additional 50 vacant parcels available for single-family home construction to a developer / builder in the near future.