REVOLVE Detroit (Coming soon)
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REVOLVE is a collaborative program of the Detroit Economic Growth Corporation (DEGC) that partners with local leaders, building owners, entrepreneurs, and artists to activate vacant storefronts with transformational businesses and art installations.  The goal of the program is to foster the evolution and vibrancy of Detroit's neighborhood business districts.  
REVOLVE for Neighborhoods - Transforming historic neighborhoods into vibrant retail districts
REVOLVE and its community partners will:
  • Match entrepreneurs and artists with opportunities to transform vacant spaces into active places
  • Create "buzz" by changing the conversation, image and customer experience on the street and online
  • Grow and attract high-quality and long-term businesses    
REVOLVE for Building Owners - Revolutionizing the retail recruitment process
REVOLVE and its community partners will:
  • Match property owners with temporary and permanent businesses
  • Apply innovative marketing techniques to reach new tenant prospects and customers   
  • Connect property owners with a suite of resources to create retail ready space    
REVOLVE for Entrepreneurs - Creating venues for new business ventures
REVOLVE and its community partners will:  
  • Connect entrepreneurs with Detroit's prime neighborhood retail spaces and property owners
  • Assist with permitting, marketing and resources to grow your business   
REVOLVE for Artists - Re-imaging neighborhoods through creative expression
REVOLVE and its community partners will:
  • Use the arts to spur economic development and neighborhood revitalization
  • Showcase Detroit?s world-class art scene to new audiences in person and online
  • Transform the image and potential of Detroit's historic neighborhoods    
For more information about the REVOLVE program contact:
Michael Forsyth
REVOLVE would like to thank many organizations and individuals that contributed to the development of this program. REVOLVE and the West Village pilot program was funded in part through a grant award from the U.S. Small Business Administration, Local Initiatives Support Corporation of Detroit, the Hudson Webber Foundation and the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan.