Vision for Paradise Valley

The Paradise Valley Cultural and Entertainment District Project is being planned to increase the level of commerce in the historic Harmonie Park area, and through inclusion of new business and economic development activities, create a 24-hour, safe, and walk-able destination spot, featuring a host of local, regional, and national commercial establishments. 
The City of Detroit and the Detroit Economic Growth Corporation have developed the following goals for the District: 
  • The District is to have an African-American cultural influence.
  • The District is to have local appeal in its composition of commercial, retail, entertainment, educational, and cultural offerings, serve niche markets, and also have a cross-cultural appeal.
  • The District is to promote business development and opportunities for entrepreneurship/ business start-ups.
  • The District is to adopt a governance structure that encourages cooperation and superior customer service among existing businesses and new businesses to be located in the District.
  • The District is to serve as a year-round destination point for Detroit, Michigan, becoming a local, regional, and national draw.
The Paradise Valley Cultural and Entertainment District is being envisioned as a place where everyone from families, to working professionals can come to enjoy a variety of food, entertainment, shopping and recreation in the day, while the sophisticates, young adults and couples can participate in evening and night time entertainment venues.