DEGC Retail Program - The Villages

The DEGC, The Villages, West Village Manor Apartments and the Parkstone Apartments are partnering to launch a retail program in West Village on Agnes St. between Van Dyke and Parker. These organizations are solicited proposals from entrepreneurs and existing businesses to create unique full-time and pop-up retail establishments that are an asset to the community. The retail program leverages grant funds and building owner investment to create move-in ready space tentatively planned for occupancy between late fall and years-end.  
This project is the first phase of a larger retail initiative for The Villages. It will also serve as the "pilot" for a new neighborhood pop-up program currently in development at the DEGC. The popup program's goal is to attract stable, long-term businesses to the city and to build interest within Detroit's neighborhoods. Temporary pop-up retail and art installations will provide opportunities for retailers, restaurants and local artists to generate consumer interest and to increase commercial viability for small business, building owners and neighborhoods.  
The Villages retailers and partners will play an integral role in the program's development and will be the first to benefit from the creation of innovative marketing and engagement strategies, real estate match making services, and the suite of implementation resources that will be made available. The DEGC's larger goal is to use this project as a template that can be successfully implemented across Detroit's neighborhoods.