Detroit Future City

The Detroit Works Project was introduced in 2010 as a process to create a shared, achievable vision for Detroit’s future to improve the quality of life and business in Detroit.  It began with a series of meetings to engage residents in the process. Initially we heard from nearly 10,000 of you who told us for Detroit to work, action is needed today while we continue to plan for tomorrow.  As a response, Mayor Dave Bing introduced the separation of the Detroit Works Project into two tracks in July of 2011—Short Term Actions and Long Term Planning.  
DEGC began administering aspects of Detroit Works Project - Long Term Planning on behalf of the City of Detroit and the project funders. This initiative engaged the community to address the land use and service delivery issues created by the gradual reduction in Detroit’s population over 40 years. 
In December 2012 the comprehensive planning effort for Detroit reached a milestone with the release of the strategic framework dubbed Detroit Future City. The Detroit Future City framework offers a roadmap for jobs, strong economy and community.