Eastern Market RFP for Framework Plan July 2017

The City of Detroit’s Mayor’s Office, Planning and Development Department (PDD), Housing and Revitalization Department (HRD), the Department of Neighborhoods (DON) (known as “the City”); in conjunction with the Economic Development Corporation of the City of Detroit (EDC), which is staffed by the Detroit Economic Growth Corporation (DEGC),  and The Nature Conservancy (TNC) plans to seek proposals from qualified firms to develop a Comprehensive Neighborhood Framework Plan (Framework Plan) with strategic implementation strategies that builds upon previously completed neighborhood studies, creating a consolidated and actionable vision for the City of Detroit to synergize growth and support future investment within the Eastern Market neighborhood of Detroit. The Framework Plan covers a study area of approximately 1.1 square miles that incorporates the Eastern Market (Market Core) and the surrounding Greater Eastern Market residential (GEM) neighborhood. The goal is to create a vibrant mixed-use neighborhood that makes Eastern Market the hub of food production and distribution for the Great lakes region while increasing neighborhood amenities, improving the quality of life for local residents, and expanding their opportunities for nearby employment.


The Eastern Market Corporation (EMC) has developed a strategy for the creation of the Neighborhood Business Innovation Zone (NBIZ), an intended high tech center of food production, processing, and distribution within the transitional space of vacant land adjacent to the Market Core. The goal is to facilitate the growth of food related businesses. The NBIZ is to be developed for local small-to-medium food businesses to have the flexibility to grow and remain in the Eastern Market District in the future with respect to existing residents located within the study area. The NBIZ is to include site plans and specific building typologies to accommodate larger building footprints for food processing, warehousing, and distribution facilities.


The Nature Conservancy seeks Centralized Stormwater Management (CSM) feature facilities and future development of a proposed Watershed Improvement District (WID) and design features that can attract new residents, expand greater food related commercial investment, incorporate land-use buffering (between the NBIZ, Market Core, and GEM), enhance mobility, culture, and recreation.


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