At the center of the U.S. Statistical Market Area with the 8th largest population (4,505,400) and the 12th wealthiest (U.S. Census Bureau, 2005), downtown Detroit and the neighborhoods nearby have a growing residential population that provides a strong base for future development.

 Over the past decade, more than $15 billion has been invested downtown in two new professional sports stadiums, live theater and opera venues, gaming casinos and hotels, major new Class A offices for General Motors, Compuware and Quicken Loans, residential developments (single-family, condos and lofts), retail, restaurants, and nightclubs. As a result of these investments, the character of downtown Detroit and its neighborhoods has fundamentally changed.

In 2006, to quantify this dynamic shift, Washington D.C. based Brookings Institution and The Social Compact conducted a cutting edge market analysis of Detroit Demographics.  The result was the Detroit Downtown In Focus report which demonstrated how downtown Detroit has the market foundation to become a vibrant, 24-hour residential, commercial, and entertainment district. 
The following year, the DEGC worked with Social Compact to quantify the purchasing power and demographics of Detroit neighborhoods throughout the city.  The 2007 Detroit Neighborhood Market Drilldown was a comprehensive document covering 15 of Detroit's neighborhoods.
The Social Compact and Detroit Economic Growth Corporation published the latest DrillDown Report for Detroit in December 2010.  This report will serve as a foundation for comprehensive economic development strategic planning for the City of Detroit through 2012.
Drilldown data is available in neighborhood and site-specific reports.  Please contact the DEGC for additional information.