Catalyst Development District

The Catalyst Development District is a new sports and entertainment district Downtown.  The new district will include a $450 million sports and entertainment arena funded by a combination of public and private sources, and $200 million in private investment in new residential, retail and office developments. The district covers an approximately 45-block area that generally reaches from Grand Circus Park to Charlotte St. between Woodward Ave. and Grand River Ave.

The multipurpose event center is anticipated to be a 650,000 sq. ft, facility with 18,000 seats that can accommodate Red Wings hockey games, as well as other sports and entertainment events year-round. It will also include premium seating and amenities of a contemporary first-class professional sports and entertainment complex.

The new development is anticipated to create approximately 500 new permanent jobs for the events center alone and approximately 8,300 construction jobs for the entire residential and commercial mixed-use district. In the agreement ODM and its contractors are committed to outreach, recruiting and training efforts to hire significant numbers of Detroit residents during construction, and to use Detroit-based companies for suppliers once the Events Center is in operation.

Several significant steps have been made to move this development forward.  
June 19, 2013 -  The Detroit Downtown Development Authority (DDA) approved a memorandum of understanding (MOU) among the DDA, Olympia Development of Michigan (ODM) and Wayne County that describes the proposed public and private financing and location for a new sports and entertainment district Downtown.  The Catalyst Development Project would require an amendment to the DDA boundaries.  
December 18, 2013 -  The Detroit Downtown Development Authority (DDA) approved a concessions management agreement between the DDA and Olympia Development of Michigan.  A media release can be found here.  
December 20, 2013 - Detroit City Council approved the 2013 DDA Plan with the expansion of the DDA boundaries to include the Catalyst Development project area.  
February 4, 2014 - Detroit City Council approves the land transfer for the project.   
September 16, 2014 - The DDA approved the financial plan for building the new event center Downtown.  The approved plan included an amended and restated CMA, a master development agreement and a bond authorizing resolution.