East Riverfront District

The area just east of downtown along the Detroit River is undergoing a tremendous transformation.  In the 19th and 20th centuries, the East Riverfront was originally developed as an industrial and warehouse district utilizing the Detroit River for transportation.  It is now being redeveloped as a premier residential district anchored by a mixture of commercial and retail development, and supported by unique recreational space.  
The district runs from downtown along the River and south of Jefferson Avenue to the MacArthur Bridge leading to Belle Isle Park.  Click here for a district map.
The East Riverfront District has a rich history that is documented from the first European settlements.  
The EDC has taken aggressive steps to transform the District,  with  many prime developments and features  in the transformation are already taking place.  (Check out the existing East Riverfront Development page for further details)   
The District has been the focus of significant planning - resulting in an overall District Plan.  The East Riverfront District Plan guides the redevelopment and acquisition of property for residential, commercial, and related uses, plus park, and recreational opportunities.  The involvement of the EDC will allow for the reclamation and redevelopment of this sparsely developed commercial and industrial area, eliminate blight, and make significant contributions to the economic growth and prosperity for the citizens of the Detroit.
In addition to the recent developments, the EDC also controls a number of properties for development in the East Riverfront District.  Developers or business owners interested in investing in the District may be eligible for assistance or economic development incentives.  Click here for a summary of all incentive programs offered through the DEGC. 
For further information about the District, please check out these pages: