Jefferson Village

The Jefferson Village project area is located in a southeast portion of the City just outside of the Central Business District, comprising approximately 88 acres.  The project area is generally bounded on the west by Marquette; on the north by East Jefferson Avenue,; on the east by St. Jean; and on the south by Freud.  The boundaries allow for 400 housing sites (See Map). 

The Jefferson Village project was initiated by the Neighborhood Development Corporation of the Economic Development Corporation (NDC/EDC) in 1997 upon adoption of a District Project Plan.  The Project Plan sets forth the guiding principles for the development and current redevelopment and rehabilitation of the Project Area (See Project Plan).

The Jefferson Village project was initiated in response to a continuing loss of affordable and livable single-family residences and corresponding blight in residential neighborhoods throughout the City.  The initial intent of the project was to assemble land for the development of new, single-family residential, detached, market-rate houses. 

Pursuant to the adoption of the Project Plan and the development of  an adjacent strip mall, the NDC/EDC entered into an agreement to purchase and develop land for single-family homes with a developer.  In 2008, however, the national economic downturn drastically altered home financing conditions.  As a result, the developer defaulted under its financing arrangements and the majority of buildable land, unsold homes, and partially built properties went into tax foreclosure. 

As the economy recovers, the market for single-family homes is growing in the City of Detroit.  The NDC/EDC and the City of Detroit is seizing on this opportunity by reclaiming and acquiring the partially built homes and land to complete the original intent of the Project Plan; to create a thriving single-family residential community.

Currently, the project intends to assemble the uncompleted homes and tax foreclosed land in an effort to construct nearly 400 single-family residential, detached, market-rate houses (see Jefferson Village Updates).  The involvement of the NDC/EDC also allows for the rehabilitation of adjacent and/or nearby commercial and industrial properties and the future development of green buffer spaces to provide residential areas with a buffer from the commercial on Jefferson Avenue.