Renewable Energy Detroit

Detroit is REDI for Renewable Energy    
The world knows Detroit as a center for innovation in the automotive industry. Southeast Michigan has the highest concentration of automotive research and development in the world, and right now a substantial amount of that R&D is focused in the area of energy: advanced energy - green energy - renewable energy.  
 This is the next generation of Detroit and we are manufacturing green.      
MISSION:   Attract and grow a Detroit-based cluster of energy-related component manufacturers, and industry service providers.  
FOCUS:   Wind, Solar, Battery, and specific application areas (includes waste-to-energy, fuels/bio, lighting, energy efficiency, and advanced manufacturing).  
PARTNERS:   The support network is all-inclusive, comprised of local, regional and State resources (public utilities, NextEnergy, TechTown, the Detroit Regional Chamber, the Michigan Energy Office and the Michigan Economic Development Corporation).  
SERVICES:   We can help you find affordable and functional real estate that supports your manufacturing needs, and puts you in the center of the local, regional, and international supply chain.   We can connect you with a network of partners who specialize in project development resources (such as technology validation, procurement opportunities, and employment training programs).   We can guide you through the various approval processes at the local and State levels.  
GET INVOLVED:    REDI's Advisory Council is a voluntary collective of like minded businesses and partners seeking to advance Detroit's economic health through the manufacture and consumption of renewable energy thereby facilitating new investments and job creation.  
To get involved or to just get more information about REDI please contact Tracie Tillinger, REDI Program Manager, at 313-963-2940 or via e-mail at