Special Initiatives

A recent analysis concluded that Detroit offers a specialized niche for high-end, image conscious professional firms and corporate offices. Detroit also has a history of innovations in manufacturing, health care and creative industries. With its strong network of transportation infrastructure, it is well-suited for logistics and transportation companies. Above all, it offers the amenities of a major urban center. 

The study suggested several industries as good candidates for the competitive advantages offered by Detroit.  A list and detailed description of these industries can be found on our Target Industries page.  
With the targeted industries defined DEGC went one step further to develop programs to assist businesses in certain industries more specialized services.  These special initiatives include:
    • Detroit Food and Ag Network - (DFAN)Enhance the capacity of Metro Detroit's food and agriculture industry by providing support services and technical assistance aimed at alleviating barriers to growth.

    • Green Grocer Project (GGP) - designed to help create competitive, sustainable grocery offerings in Detroit while improving fresh food offerings for residents.
    • REVOLVE Detroit - designed to foster the evolution and vibrancy of Detroit's neighborhood business districts.  
    • SmartBuildings Detroit Program (SBD) - designed to assist in the installation of energy saving improvements for commercial, institutional and public buildings in downtown Detroit to optimize the performance of city real estate.
For more information on any of these special initiatives feel free to click any of the links or contact us directly for personal attention.  We're here to help your business.