Housing and Communities

Detroit NeighborhoodsDetroit is blessed with amazing diversity in its neighborhoods, ranging from a hip downtown to vibrant immigrant districts to stately historic neighborhoods.  In addition, Detroit's suburbs offer a high quality of life in a variety of settings. 

Throughout Detroit, housing is affordable and a good value. Detroit neighborhoods are known for their friendliness, with neighbors working together on community gardens and other projects. Living in Detroit offers residents a high quality of life—all with a favorable cost of living, great neighbors, and close proximity to cultural and recreational amenities. 

Detroit is unique among other major American cities because it was designed to be low density. Historically, downtown Detroit was a commercial and cultural center, surrounded by neighborhoods filled with single-family homes. Due to the great wealth generated by Detroit’s industries, many beautiful homes were built between 1915 and 1930, with a second wave a development between 1945 and 1955 which filled out the city’s outer edges. At one point, Detroit had the highest percentage of owner-occupancy in the country.

Over the last ten years, many buildings in the greater downtown have been transformed from their former commercial uses to new residential uses. New housing is being built as in-fill in neighborhoods that had once seen abandonment.

Detroit has led the metropolitan region in housing starts since 2004. Even today, Detroit is a bright spot in the metropolitan housing market. Neighborhoods like downtown, MidtownNew CenterCorktown and the East Riverfront draw young, highly educated new residents to live in lofts, townhouses, and high-rises.  

While there are still some neighborhoods with serious challenges, there is a concerted effort led by the DEGC, city government, foundation community, and others to revitalize these areas. These groups came together and worked with the community to create Detroit Future City, the strategic framework plan that will be used to as a road map for leading Detroit towards its future.

Eastern MarketDetroit has many unique local and convenient shops to service its residents. Eastern Market, the region’s largest farmer’s market and food distribution center, is no more than 15 minutes from any Detroit neighborhood. Local entrepreneurs have opened independent grocery stores, bakeries, and other shops, and the DEGC is actively implementing a strategy to improve these opportunities throughout the city.

To learn more about Detroit living, please visit ModelD or D:hive Detroit.  Both of these websites offer up-to-date information about living in Detroit, Detroit neighborhoods, Detroit housing, investment guides, and news articles. The Detroit Orientation Institute offers a great program for orienting people to Detroit, or for anyone wishing to learn more about the city and metro area. Also available is a map of greater downtown, highlighting attractions in the area.