Contractor Qualifications

Qualifications for contractors vary according to each project. These general rules apply to all DEGC contractors.

Compliance with Fair Employment Laws. A Contractor must agree that, in connection with Projects, it shall comply with the United States Constitution and all federal, state, and local laws, rules, and regulations governing fair employment practices and equal employment opportunity. The Contractor shall promptly furnish any information requested by the City of Detroit or its Human Rights Department. 

Human Rights and Executive Orders. The Contractor shall comply with the rules and procedures applicable to the Contractor adopted by the Human Rights Department of the City of Detroit pursuant to the 1997 City of Detroit Charter and the Detroit City Code. Contractors and sub-contractors must also comply with the goals established by the City of Detroit's Executive Order No. 2003-4 that sets goals for the utilization of Detroit-based businesses and small businesses, as well as comply with the requirements of the City of Detroit's Executive Order No. 2007-01 that provides for Detroit residents working on public projects. For more information, contact the City of Detroit Human Rights Department at (313) 224-4950, CAYMC, 2 Woodward Avenue,

Prevailing Wages. The Contractor voluntarily agrees that it shall use its best efforts in the performance of the Work, and shall require all subcontractors hired to perform portions of the Work to use their best efforts, to comply with goals equal to those set forth in City of Detroit Ordinance No. 20-93, codified as Detroit City Code 18-5-60 through 18-5-66, "Prevailing Wage and Fringe Benefit Rates Required for City Projects", as amended. For a copy of the ordinance, contact the City Clerk’s Office and CAYMC, 2 Woodward Avenue, 2nd Floor, (313) 224-2083.

Vendor/Business Clearances. A Contractor must have clearances from the City of Detroit Income Tax Division, CAYMC, 2 Woodward Avenue, Suite 512, (313) 224-3328 to ensure that city income taxes are current, and a clearance from the City of Detroit Revenue Collection Unit, CAYMC, 2 Woodward Avenue, Suite 1012, (313) 224-4087 to ensure that city real and personal property taxes are current.

Federal and State Funded Projects.  The DDA and EDC periodically receive state and federal funding for infrastructure projects, i.e. the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT). Contractors interested in bidding on these MDOT funded projects must be pre-qualified by MDOT. For more information on pre-qualification requirements, contact: for the Contractor Services Center link.