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Detroit is back, and in some ways, better than ever before. It is an international place -- situated on the border with America's strongest trading partner, Canada, and attracting investment from around the world. It is still the hub of the global automotive industry -- at the center of a concentration of manufacturing as well as automotive research and development. Detroit's assets are compelling:
  • Strong transportation and logistics infrastructure
  • Location within 500 miles of half of the U.S. population
  • Strong presence of research institutions
  • Skilled manufacturing workforce
  • Overall cost competitiveness
  • Active engagement of local and state government in business development
  • Supportive eco-system for entrepreneurs and innovation
  • Vibrant urban core attractive to younger workers
Known around the world as The Motor City, Detroit is home to a growing diversity of industries: 
  • Advanced manufacturing 
  • Food manufacturing, processing and distribution
  • Logistics and warehousing
  • Health care and medical
Detroit Economic Growth Corporation is at the heart of the city's revitalization. As the city's lead economic development agency, DEGC facilitates powerful incentives and financial offerings to support investments in new or growing businesses of every kind, as well as tools to support residential and commercial real estate developments. 
DEGC's Site Assistance 
  • DEGC assembles parcels of City-owned properties, prepares them for development and selects developers in a bidding process. DEGC also assists commercial and industrial developers and business owners find existing buildings or vacant land for new businesses or expansion. Click here for our sites and buildings page to begin your search.
  • DEGC works closely with businesses to identify the best available sites or buildings to meet their needs.  We can search search our database for privately owned sites located in the City of Detroit.  Contact us directly for site location assistance. 
  • DEGC manages street reconstruction, replacement of utilities, and other improvements that enhance the value of qualifying development sites.  

Facts About Detroit

If you already operate a business in Detroit, you may be interested in our business services for entrepreneurs, manufacturers diversifying their markets and other special programs.

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