Target Industries

The economic growth element of the Detroit Future City Strategic Framework proposes five strategies to grow Detroit's economy in a way that is equitable and supportive for residents and businesses.  The first strategy is to support key economic growth pillars that already demonstrate promising job growth in the city.  These pillars are education and medical equipment, digital and creative jobs, industrial employment and local entrepreneurship.   
Each of the DEGC's targeted industries support one or more of these growth pillars making them good candidates for the competitive advantages offered by Detroit:
    • Advanced Manufacturing
    • Construction
    • Creative Economy
    • Food Economy
    • Life Sciences
    • Local B2B 
    • Logistics & Distribution
    • Renewable Energy
    • Retail

These sectors present the opportunity to provide employment growth for Detroiters of all skill levels.  DEGC has special initiatives, sites, incentives and financial tools to assist companies in these industries. Contact us for a consultation.