Why Here

Detroit’s location and history have given the city strong strategic assets that give it real competitive advantages for entrepreneurs and forward-looking companies in key industries. In spite of the spread of automotive manufacturing around the globe, Detroit is still in the center of industry’s most advanced research and development. That gives companies that locate here access to a diverse workforce skilled in science, engineering, design, and information technology.  
Detroit is the home of a major research university, strong hospital systems with national reputations, and world class cultural attractions. It hosts major league sports, great entertainment, and recreational opportunities that blend vibrant urban experiences with the natural attraction of an international waterway that is part of the Great Lakes.  
Detroit has faced more than its share of economic challenges, but as we have learned from the large corporate restructurings we have experienced here, the City of Detroit will come out of the current financial reorganization stronger and better able to grow.   At DEGC we have established significant momentum with our successes, and the successes of our private, philanthropic and public partners. Encouraged by that track record, we are continuing our work with developers and companies who see the opportunities here for tremendous growth.  
Please read about a few of our success stories.    
Read about the key industries that are using Detroit’s assets and creating industry clusters that can give them additional competitive advantages. 
Learn more about business incentives and financing through a variety of programs.
See where DEGC is focusing on a number of Development Districts where it controls property and has made infrastructure improvements to support growth.